02.01.2024 AUSGAR

Navy Fleet Readiness Center Southwest Cyber Inspection Success

Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRC-SW) recently completed a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) under the new 3.0 grading scale. CCRI is a Department of Defense led formal inspection to increase accountability and the security posture of DoD Information Networks. AUSGAR Technologies Inc. (AUSGAR) partnered with Creative IT Solutions, LLC (Creative), subsidiary of Delaware Nations Industries, LLC (DNI), D3 Technologies Inc. (D3), AMEWAS Inc. (AMEWAS) and Government employees to have pivotal roles in helping FRC-SW grade out as a “Low Risk,” which is the second-best possible score in the new 3.0 model.

During the technical inspection, FRC-SW scored exceptionally well in process and procedure documentation, ACAS Scanning accuracy, STIG checklist completion, Resolution of Key Indicators of Risk (KIOR) resolution and did not have a single instance of reported Common Access Card (CAC) mishandling over the two-week period.

The picture is of key Government and Contractor personnel who contributed to this success.